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TIMELINE / BELGRADE Through the Ages

1397 Despot Stefan Lazarevic makes Belgrade the seat of his throne.

1403 Despot Stefan Lazarevic begins reconstruction of the city, which he writes about in The Belgrade Charter:

"...upon arrival, I found the most beautifull placeof all times, the great city of Belgrade, which had been destroyed and deserted, I have rebuilt it and dedicated it to the Mother of God..."

UP TO THE REIGN OF DESPOT STEFAN, the Belgrade fortress encompassed only the Upper City. When the lower City town encircled with double bulwarks - a unique entity of reinforced towers was created.

An exceptional description of Belgrade is given in Te Life of Despot Stefan Lazarevic, by his biographer, Constantine the Philosopher:

"...And he (Stefan) was not in the least idle, as any man who is brave, rather he took to the city, (one) of the great ancient (cities) in a most rarely beautiful place in all the world, as we have said so many times: moreover, it was as broad as a sail of an imperial boat, with sundry fortifications..."

Has anyone ever seen such a city?...And can anyone describe the place, the appearance an he beauty (of Belgrade)!

Despot Stefan Lazarevic dies in 1427

1440 Murad II stages a forceful but unsuccessful siege of Belgrade that is followed by massive desertion of the surroundings of Belgrade.

1456 New Turkish siege of Belgrade, this time led by Mehmed II, the conqueror of Constantinople.

The Bulwark of christianity is defended by John Hunyadi, John of Capistrano and Despot Djuradj Brankovic.

Volunters from the entire Christian world come together in one of the bigges and most exciting battles of the Middle Ages. The Battle ends in the defeat of the Turks and the Sutan himself is injured. The victory is celebrated in Hungary, Czech and Morava and August 6, victory day, is celebrated as a holiday.






Zašto iznajmiti apartman u Beogradu umesto hostela ili hotela?
Naši apartmani se nalaze u Beogradu, u centralnim delovima grada, udaljeni su nekoliko minuta od glavnih znamenitosti i najživljih delova Beograda...

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