What kind of special strategies, knowledge and skills does working in marketing managements of IT companies require?

The largest companies worldwide have been of the opinion that marketing management is on the same level of importance as financial, HR management or management in production. This proves that communication in one company is the most important for its development and success. Important and strategic decisions have not been reached behind the doors shut by a few managers, but being reached through discussion and analysis made by all sectors and people in one company.

This is resulting in conclusion that strategies, knowledge and skills used by marketing management in IT or other companies belong, more or less, to other sectors, as well; in not so are cases done partially by professional organisations. That way, everybody is doing their part of job in the best manner possible. Our budget has not been overloaded, but the agency „Total Dizajn“ providing us with these services ias 24 hours available for our needs, such as we are for our clients within services we render.

Zdenka Pavlovic – Financial Director, Grappolo Group